I am a young person, my thoughts are influenced by what I see, who I admire, and maimly my own personal feelings. This is my response to the backlash against Youtuber, Felix Kjellberg.
To start off, I am a loose viewer of Felix who actually watches his videos, unlike the 39 year olds behind their computers finding bits of controversial footage to use in their articles so they can keep their earnings up. After listening to all he has ever had to say and his countless apologies after magazines have attacked him, I can honestly say he definitely is not anti-sematic. He makes jokes for a living, although admittedly he sometimes goes too far, nothing is meant to be taken seriously. I understand that in a world of Trump’s reign, his jokes are seemingly more harmful than they actually really are. But the issue is that the people who see his jokes as a threat are outdated adults that are worried for their young children who watch famous influencers like him, and they assume that they understand the thoughts of young people, and that young people can’t tell the difference between a joke and a genuine opinion. They believe that we will believe anything and that is wrong. We admire people based on their talent and character and anyone who is living in this world today can understand the dangers of racism, but it’s quite appalling that these writers and adults believe that Felix’s viewers truly believe in the jokes he makes. This youtuber is being attacked by people who don’t understand him or us, hence the annoyingly large backlash. Being a part of this generation I’ve come to believe that we are far more accepting and diverse than our older counterparts. Our ability to take a joke is the reason we have the ability to live peacefully with the other kids of different races in our schools and work together with them. Our acceptence and understanding is the reason we have friends of different sexualities, races, religion, and intelligence. Can a Wall Street Journalist say that? Youtubers bring in a diverse crowd, and they are absolutely a direct cause of the integration of young people of different backgrounds. People of different backgrounds bond over their shared admiration of youtubers like him. If these adult writers payed attention to the positives of that, they would see the truth of this situation that he like many other influencers bring people together- not tear us apart. A youtuber joking about things like Hitler doesn’t change my opinion about my Jewish friends at all. When Felix jokes and ‘praises’ Hitler I don’t immediately take that as a cue to wish for all my Jewish friends to die. Even though he has a strong influence, his jokes don’t automatically turn us into negative thinking people which is the misconception that started all this chaos. We aren’t robots who will consume his obvious jokes as reality. I believe that we as a young generation are underestimated and are believed to be easily influenced into thinking hateful thoughts all because of a normal human joking in front of a camera, and that is the problem with the media outlets attacking us and the people we look up to. Their old age minds understimate children and fail to truly see true feelings behind (sometimes stupid) humor in topics because they don’t have the ability or intention to understand any of this, and they write these articles supposedly speaking for the people that watch these videos thinking in their egotistical they know whats going on in our minds.
The media is unfair in the sense that adults act to represent young people, and are only threatened by things Felix says because they are dumb enough to believe his viewers seriously agree with his jokes. Many shows and cartoons and famous comedians make jokes like this, but they aren’t percieved as threatening because their audience is consisted of adults. The only reason someone like Felix is being targeted because he has 53 million young people watching him and these adult writers and concerned parents fail to have faith in our ability to understand the difference between right and wrong. Writers and media outlets will continue to see things the wrong way until they stop assuming things and refusing to understand us. Writers and media outlets will continue to see things the wrong way until they make an effort to actually listen to and understand us. That’s what true journalism actually is. They claim to be a liberal froce representing everyone when they fail to deliver.
These so called writers are too uptight to realize that they don’t understand everyone and that their writing is a result of their direct and misplaced thoughts not a representation of the true effects youtubers and internet personalities have on people who actually bother to watch them.